Hello and welcome to my blog Stylish and Healthy!

Here’s a short introduction to introduce you to myself and the blog!

My name is Matija (pronounced Ma-ti-ya) and I’m a Uni student who currently leads the standard Uni student life: Uni, Uni work, part time work and managing a social life.

Here are some quick facts about me:

– I’m a green tea addict

– I’m a bit of a social media and Daily Mail addict

– I have a (kind of identical) twin sister

– And I’m always dreaming about relaxing on the Adriatic Coast…

Here’s a quick outline of the scope of the blog:

I am trying to be a healthier person and am also trying to incorporate regular exercise sessions in my life. I want this blog to explain why I want to do this and thus my entries will discuss facets of this journey relating to:

Exercise, my eating habits, creating healthier habits, cooking healthier meals and more!

In regards to style:

I wanted to call this blog ‘Healthy and Stylish’ because although I love fashion, I wanted this blog to focus on health a little bit more…but that option was unavailable. So, you may notice that the fashion component of this blog may not be as regular as the health component…But I do hope you enjoy reading!

Before I leave you, for now, I’ve decided to include two pictures below of myself to help you get to know me a little bit better…

kat and I cro

My twin and I (I’m on the left)


Me on a recent trip to Croatia (hence the tan!)

Stay tuned!



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