A New Approach to Exercise

Almost two weeks ago I decided to quit my gym membership. The lady on the phone made a mock shock tone when I informed her I wanted to do so and then transferred me to the gentleman who deals with membership cancellations. Armed with the knowledge that some gyms are notorious for using psychological tactics to sway members from their resolution to cancel, I listened to him inform me that I had been with the gym for almost two years now and then ask if I really wanted to quit. I told him I had been more consistent with the gym during the first year of my membership and now I hardly attend. I almost got sucked into a casual membership, I am proud of myself that I didn’t. To me, it is simple: why waste money on membership if I’m not using it? My gym was not bad, the facilities were great and I sincerely enjoy exercise but why waste almost $80 a month on something I don’t use when I could buy a dress each month with that money or have half a plane ticket to Europe saved if I added up the yearly cost of paying the unused membership?

So, what to do now? I want to exercise more regularly. Prior to the gym cancellation (which will be official on September 11) and a five week trip to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in July/August, I was averaging two cardio sessions a week. Since returning from the holiday a little over three weeks ago, I’ve only exercised once. I am in no hurry to create a structured exercise plan, but I really want to gradually incorporate regular workouts into my life. I say gradually because over the years I have realised that putting too much pressure on myself to exercise makes me stress and it even affects the quality of my workouts.

Another reason why I want to gradually incorporate more regular workouts into my life is because I sometimes experience pain in my back, knees, wrists and ankles. This affects my ability to enjoy exercise as much as I’d like as even just walking fast puts me in some pain. My gradual approach to exercise (and wellbeing) will involve me finding suitable exercises that don’t put me in that much pain.

So, here’s a rough sketch of my goals. I want to gradually average 2-3 cardio workouts a week and then 3-4. It also means eventually mixing up my workouts with weights, resistance training and stretching like, Pilates. I want these workouts to be easy on my joints.

I mentioned earlier that I sincerely enjoy exercise. I’ve decided to list three reasons why I do:

Exercise ‘de-bloats’ me

This subheading is in what I like to call ‘Matija language’.  It explains how I feel less bloated and puffy when I exercise. When I feel bloated and puffy I feel and look larger than usual. I also become quite agitated and moody. Exercise helps to get rid of the bloat and agitation. It also helps with something else that leads to the next point…

Exercise keeps me regular

If you could not already tell what I am going to say from the subheading, exercise helps my bowel movements. You don’t need a scientist to tell you that bloating and irregular bowel movements are linked. Needless to say, not being regular also causes agitation and moodiness as well. Sometimes I tell my friends ‘I’m too young for this’…

Exercise boosts my mood

It’s a well known fact that exercise can help deal with depression and that it produces mood enhancing endorphin’s. In simple terms, I feel good when I exercise.

What I’ve written about today gives some insight into why I want to have a new approach to exercise. I hope you all continue reading my blog and join me on my journey in fulfilling my goals to be healthy and stylish!



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