Holidays Are Synonymous With Weight Gain

After various discussions with many people, it appears that holidays are synonymous with weight gain. As a result, I put forward the following question: does anyone actually lose weight whilst overseas?

In case you haven’t guessed from my name or other little indicators in previous posts, my background is Croatian (my mum was born in Croatia) and I’ve visited this country as well as Bosnia Herzegovina (a country right next to Croatia where my dad was born) twice over the past three years. So far, they are the only two overseas countries I have visited (I’m not one of those people who classifies a 4 hour stopover in Austria or Dubai as having visited said countries).

Prior to each trip, my family, friends, work colleagues and regular customers at work often remark that I’ll probably put on weight from all the delicious food I’ll be eating overseas. Everyone has stories of how their family members basically force feed them and how the food is just so amazing in general that one can’t possibly resist it. Personally, I’ve definitely experienced the former but am not really guilty of the latter (except for maybe sour lollies bought from Lidl and pizza). My grandma and aunties are awesome cooks and I’ve taken recipes back to Sydney to make at home but I’m never really tempted to eat that much overseas. Before I explain why, I should mention that drinking a lot of alcohol is another activity associated with holidays and during my most recent trip, I didn’t drink that much due to food poisoning I experienced. But we’ll save that for another entry…maybe.

First of all, each time I have visited Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina has been during the European summer (June, July and August). Croatian food is quite heavy; a lot of carbohydrates, oil and salt. I have some awareness of the fact that this food is necessary to fuel the body during the extremely cold winter weather. However, I often find it difficult to see how anyone can eat these foods in summer.

Secondly, I’m not toned or anything but I know overeating gives me a bit of a belly and considering I spend the majority of my time in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast in my bikini, I tend to avoid overeating. Of equal importance to this, eating too much slows me down when I swim and I enjoy swimming quite far out from the beach (as in, past those barriers they put to indicate safe swimming zones). Swimming is one of my favourite activities whilst overseas. Does anyone else find eating too much an interruption to enjoying a good swim?

Thirdly, I walk everywhere when I’m overseas. After all, Croatia is full of towns and it’s easy to do your daily activities on foot (providing you don’t have too much stuff to carry) because everything’s all in one place (well, almost; you do have to go into the main cities for some decent shopping experiences). It’s not like Sydney where you have to travel from suburb to suburb to complete various tasks and activities. I do at least one hour a day of incidental exercise walking to and from places whilst I’m overseas. Throw in swimming, then it can easily become at least two hours.

So, basically, I guess what I might be trying to say here is that I end up losing weight when I go on a holiday and can’t join in on people’s stories of putting on weight due to the large amounts of delicious foods they consumed overseas. Sometimes I wonder if my situation would be different if I were in another country with new foods to try. 

What’s bad about this is that when I get back to Sydney and return to Uni life, something happens; my lifestyle becomes a lot more sedentary. And then, I put on weight. No longer do I walk from place to place, I catch the bus and sometimes train. I sit at home and do Uni work. This can be pretty upsetting. All of a sudden, I think I’ve put on heaps of weight.

Before I sign off, I’ve decided to include some pretty pictures of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina for all of you to enjoy. 
















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