Setting Realistic Exercise Goals + An Update on My Attempts at Eating Better

I mentioned in this entry that I really want to incorporate regular workouts into my life. I discussed that I want it to be a gradual process. I’ve come up with one very simple goal as my first step:

Complete at least two cardio sessions that go for at least 45 minutes per week

I think this particular goal is very realistic and thus achievable. I have good news, I actually set it on Saturday and have already completed it for this week! I did a 50 minute power walk on Saturday afternoon and today I completed a 30 minute power walk on the treadmill at the gym. I know the last session didn’t last for at least 45 minutes but I walked at a fast pace to my local station yesterday, which is a twenty minute walk, to catch the bus somewhere and today I walked home from the station again. I know I’m going to be busy up until Saturday (when the new week to complete this goal again begins) where I may not be able to get a workout in. As a result, I’ve factored in this incidental exercise as apart of one workout.

I think it’s important not to be hard on yourself for not completing a goal as it appears on paper (i.e. me not having done exactly 45 min at the gym) when you’re actually on track by doing other things that sincerely assist you in achieving your goal (i.e. my incidental exercise walking to the bus stop). This is because being hard on your self may make you feel a sense of self doubt and thus deter you from proceeding further with taking actions to complete your goals. It’s funny because even though I just wrote that I am guilty of being hard on myself. I believe new weeks will bring new opportunities to help me achieve my goals.


Has anyone else set exercise goals that they’re on their way to achieving?

As far as food goes, I’ve been eating pretty well, but still not perfect, for about two and a half days. This is how I’ve been doing it:

– Avoiding processed foods

– Trying to incorporate more fruit and vegetables

– Trying to add more protein to my meals

I am working a 9-7 shift tomorrow (yes, very long) and I haven’t prepared any food (I’m too tired) so I think there’s a high chance I’ll end up eating some not so good stuff tomorrow. I’ve been getting really bloated lately as well. Bread is the predominant source of my carbohydrate intake and therefore I think the most obvious reason behind my bloating is a gluten intolerance. I commence a two week uni break next week and have decided to cook more meals containing gluten free carbohydrates e.g. Quinoa, brown rice, gluten free pasta etc to see the extent to which these changes makes a difference to my bloating.

I don’t think I have Coeliac disease because I don’t suffer from the extreme symptoms I’ve heard those who have it suffer from but, judging by the bloating and associated side  effects I experience, I probably do have some form of intolerance to gluten. I haven’t been eating that many dairy products because they often make me bloat too so I can’t really attribute that to my current bloated state. I’ll keep you all posted on that when I start.



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