The Weekend So Far

Hello readers,

I haven’t posted in a few days and I thought I’d write a post to go through some of the things that have been going on lately.

My lower back and upper back have been feeling immensely tight lately. I know this is related to stretching. Although I’ve been more bothered than usual to stretch (but there’s still a lot more room for improvement), there are times when I need help from an external party. This Friday I decided to get a massage at the chiropractor (I will say chiro for short) to help loosen my muscles a bit. I think the chiro could have focused a bit more on some of the more ropy areas of muscle but what’s done is done and I should speak up next time haha. 

As yesterday was Saturday it signaled a new week to work on achieving my goal I’ve set for myself: 2 x 50 minute cardio sessions a week. I completed one half of my weekly goal; a 1 x 50 minute cardio session. I also made an effort to stretch a little bit longer than usual afterwards and a few times hours after completing the walk. I stretched this morning which, although not unusual, I need to do it more often so I classify this as a little accomplishment for me. 

For the past day and a half I’ve been eating mostly gluten free carbohydrates. I had to make the change because my bloating was getting so bad. I’ve been eating white rice with meals over the weekend so far. I know brown rice is better but I went through a stage a while back when I ate a lot of it and I think I still need a break from it. Besides some chips I ate from Grill’d last night that made me feel pretty bleh, I’ve been eating well and I have noticed a massive difference in my bloating and bowel movements (over share but I had to say it!). 

So far I’m happy with the little adjustments I’ve been making that are putting me on the path to achieving my larger goals. Today I plan on doing a lot of uni work. If the weather permits, I’ll go for a stroll somewhere in between to help me from getting too bloated because that’s what happens when I sit down for very long periods of time. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Before I sign off, here’s a photo of some pretty flowers I received last Thursday. Don’t you just love how flowers can instantly freshen up a room?





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