Re-evaluating My Exercise Goals and Why I Gave Up My Gym Membership

If you have been reading my blog entries you’d know that around two weeks ago I set a goal of completing two fifty minute cardio sessions each week. I’ve completed it during each of the two weeks that have passed. Although two weeks is a short amount of time, I kind of feel now that the pressure of having my unused gym membership at the back of my mind has gone and I want to exercise more than twice a week. Before I go into further detail I should probably explain what this pressure entailed.

When I actually visited the gym during my membership, I gradually worked up to being able to achieve 45-50 minutes of cardio. I did this because as I was catching public transport there, which was very time consuming, I wanted to get cardio out of the way by doing longer sessions. I know that may not be long to some people but I believe everyone is unique and therefore I believe there isn’t one specific suitable form and length of exercise for every person. So basically what I’m trying to say was that this was suitable for me.

The pressure to use the gym was because of how much money I was spending. My initial reason for joining the gym was to use the classes as it was a cheaper alternative to paying for other classes offered outside of the gym, but that never happened. This is because of time table conflictions, I got over the time I had to spend on public transport to go to the gym and back, and I thought there were too many people in a class for me to have a personalized experience.

I knew the time I was spending on public transport could have been spent pounding the pavements on the street but I guess I was holding onto hope that I’d eventually be diligent with gym classes and maybe one day use the weights. In regards to the classes not offering a personalized gym experience, I often compared the classes I did at the gym to a six or eight week package of Pilates classes I did at a local community hall before I joined the gym. These classes were small and the teacher became familiar with everyone. She paused if necessary to help individuals out if they weren’t doing something right or needed special attention to be able to complete an exercise or move successfully. This made me aware of whether I was doing something properly or not and therefore I felt more comfortable in the class. Whereas at the gym I was worrying too much if I was doing something wrong so I didn’t enjoy my classes.

Now that I don’t have the money I wasn’t spending on the gym at the back of my mind I feel as if I might want to make my walks a bit shorter but more frequent during the week. This is because I genuinely enjoy moving and the good feeling you get after exercise.

So, where to now? I’ve decided to aim for at least three thirty minute cardio sessions a week with the knowledge that some weeks I will be able to do more. I already went for a 1 hour walk today. I’ll keep you all posted on how I go.



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