Sugar Sugar

These past two days have been pretty ridiculous food wise. I’ve been craving sugar a lot lately and have succumbed to these cravings.

On Monday night I ate a pack of Jols, a small pack of lollies and a Willy Wonka stick with Nerds attached to it.  On Tuesday afternoon I ate another Willy Wonka stick but this time with no nerds attached and almost a whole packet of Haribo Bear sour coke bottle lollies. On Tuesday night my mum bought a pack of 20 Home Ice Cream blocks and I’ve had almost half the pack. Five at night and four this morning. There are a few reasons why I let myself do this:

  • I’m 5’9 with an athletic build naturally (I’m not toned though) so I know I can get away with eating crap more than the average person hehe
  • I haven’t been as bothered to prepare healthy meals
  • I get bored of the healthy meals I do prepare – I need more variety!

The first reason is probably the main reason why I eat badly and is very closely followed by the third. In light of all this, I have to ask my self the following:

Do I really want this? 

What exactly is this? It’s everything I’ve conveyed in previous entries about wanting to eat better and can be conveyed via the following questions:

Do I really want to eat better?

Do I want to be healthy?

Do I want to create healthier habits for life?

Do I want to decrease the chances of me getting diabetes and other life style related diseases?

Do I want to be a healthier version of my current self? One that I can be proud of (but can still indulge once in a while).

I’m going to be honest, it’s pretty hard. I’m not stick thin but often when I convey my desire to eat healthier people look at me like there’s something wrong with me and many insinuate that I don’t eat. It’s annoying and even my partner has noticed it!

I’ve accepted that eating junk will always be a part of me whilst I’m young and can get away with it but let’s be honest, I don’t think I will be able to when I’m older (however please don’t  think in saying this I’m saying I will stop completely eating junk as I get get older). My PDHPE teacher was pretty good with instilling the fact that our metabolisms slow down as we get older and therefore it’s easier to put on weight.

I expect the transition to eating healthy to take time and a lot of preparation. I need to be more specific with the meals I eat in the sense that I need to plan them days in advance and get a shopping list ready. I don’t expect this to happen quickly and I know I won’t be completely eradicating junk food out of my life any time soon.

On the upside of things, I have been walking a lot more than usual. This is because I was on Uni holidays for two weeks, it’s also still light around 6:00 PM and the weather has been wonderful. I thoroughly enjoy walking in this weather, it’s just so hard to resist! Below is a photo of the beautiful weather when I walk.

hard to resist

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.



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