30 Days of Dry Brush Exfoliating Challenge

I first heard about dry brush exfoliating (I’m going to call it DBE for short) about two and a half years ago. I came across this activity when I read an interview with Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, pictured below.


DBE is clearly a favourite of Kerr’s as she often mentions it as one of favourite her beauty tips and that she swears by it daily. Kerr often raves about how it gives her smoother skin and is good for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Before I commence further, I will explain what DBE is in case there are some of you who are not familiar with it. I’m not an expert on skin so keep in mind that any information you read is what I have compiled myself from searching on the internet and one blog in particular.

DBE is a way of exfoliating the skin by using a dry brush. Below is a picture of the dry brush I use:

photo (29)

DBE is also known as skin brushing or body brushing. It is best to use a brush with natural bristles as bristles of a synthetic nature may be too aggressive on the skin. I have taken the following description of the DBE process from http://drybrushing.net/ to explain how it is conducted as I think they provide a GREAT description of how it’s done. Here it is:

“The Drybrushing Process

  1. Start with your feet, moving in soft circular movements (always moving towards the heart) first on the bottom of the feet, and then on the top.
  2. Work up each leg, one at a time, first the back of the leg (using the same soft circular, always towards the heart, movements) up through the buttock and then the front of the leg.  Avoid any delicate skin, like the skin on the insides of the thighs.
  3. After you are finished with the lower half, start at the fingertips of one arm; move up the arm (palms of hands, back of hands, forearm, bicep) and towards the heart.  Repeat on other arm.
  4. Move to the back (this is where a short handled brush may come in handy) working your movements towards your stomach, starting and finishing with one side of the back and then the other.
  5. When you get to your stomach, start at your lower abdomen and work your way up (make sure to steer clear of delicate areas like the nipples) and end at your chest in an upward stroke.
  6. Rinse off and shower as normal.”

DBE encourages the production of new skin cells. Getting rid of dead skin skills allows pores to open up and therefore soak up nutrients in a better fashion. Therefore, if done regularly, your skin will glow for longer. It also increases the circulation and flow of blood through the body. The aforementioned http://drybrushing.net/ also lists the following as benefits of DBE. As I’m not really into science I’d thought I’d list the following three points exactly as they’ve said them as they kind of carry on from each other.

  • “Stimulated lymphatic and circulatory systems: boosting your immune system and increasing circulation to help detoxify.
  • Stress relief: increasing your blood flow reduces stressed areas of the body and stimulates nerve endings in your skin which in turn rejuvenates your nervous system.
  • Reduced cellulite: increasing blood circulation to the skin helps break down and releases toxins that cause cellulite in legs and hips.”

From this and all the other stuff I’ve read I can say that the key to reaping the benefits DBE promotes is CONSISTENCY!

Now back to me and my challenge…

The Miranda Kerr interviews prompted me to buy my first dry brush about two and a half, maybe more, years ago and since then I’ve had an on and off relationship with DBE. The main reasons why I decided to start DBE is because it is good for creating smoother skin and for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Like many females, I am paranoid about my cellulite (which is a bit contradictory considering that I don’t eat that well and diet is more closely related to causing it). I know eventually I’ll get to an age where I won’t care (I don’t think I’ll be interested in wearing short clothing for the rest of my life) but cellulite benefits aside, it truly is good for you.

Another thing I noticed is that it’s excellent for getting rid of ingrown hairs! I’m one of those people who, unfortunately, must wax my legs every 4-5 weeks. This means that there isn’t a large amount of time between me having hair free legs and stubble, which quite quickly turns into a forest. I’d have to say this is the MAIN reason why I do it now. So it’s definitely overtaken the cellulite paranoia as the main reason.

At the moment, I’m probably averaging 2-3 DBE sessions a week. I get a bit lazy with it but when I do it during the morning I’ve noticed that I do feel more awake afterwards. I often moisturize afterwards and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and it may sound weird, but I feel happier after I do it. I kind of already see how it’s good for stress relief.

Soooo, after this very long blog entry (yes, so many words!), I’ve decided to challenge myself to dry brush exfoliate every day for 30 days. It’s a little way of showing myself that I can commit to some sort of ’30 day challenge’. After all, I’m just asking myself to do something with a brush…not to go out and spend heaps of money on another challenge. So, without further ado, I endeavor to dry brush exfoliate for 30 days in a row from October 17 to November 17ish (I won’t exfoliate the two days after I get my legs waxed because my skins too sensitive so I’ve factored that in) and I’ll keep my bloggers informed on how I go!





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