Splurge or Save – The Elusive V-Neck Cami

Have you ever owned an item of clothing that is of a particular cut or style and it just does wonders for you? This blog entry is called the Elusive Cami for a reason. It’s because the item of clothing that I know does wonders for me is a cami; one with at least a slightly dipped v-neck to be exact. You may be wondering why I decided to label the v-neck cami as an elusive item. For me, v-neck camis compliment my broad shoulders where as round neck ones do not look as good. I often find it difficult to find them and usually come across round neck ones.

Luckily, camis are all the rage this season and they come in a variety of prints, fabrics and v-neck cuts. I sometimes find it hard to comprehend how something so simple and timeless has only JUST become so popular in the fashion world and stores. I know they have always been around but they have not been in abundance. I first sensed the trend coming along a few months ago through perusing the Splice Boutique Instagram account and high fashion blogs. I would find photos of the Camilla and Marc Zoya Cami or the Bec and Bridge Wisteria Cami. Naturally, as these are designs from renown Australian designers, they come with a hefty price tag. But this is also because they’re sometimes made out of real silk. So if you’re prepared to pay the price and take care of the item, they essentially become an investment piece that can last for years.

However, if you’re a budget fashionista like me, you can always satisfy your cami cravings by opting for chain store alternatives. Sure, they may not all be made of silk but they’re often less than half the price of a designer one and look just as good. Below are some cami options for those who are looking to splurge or save (or both). All look just as good but if you are really on a budget, one pricey cami can equal three chain store buys.


Bec and Bridge Wisteria Cami $130 


Uniform studios Silk Cami Top (Also available in white and red) $99


Camilla and Marc Zoya Cami $199.95 

This cami is available in a variety of colours. If you type the name into Google you should be able to find a variety of online stores that stock it and they colours  carry.



One of My Personal Favourites: Bec and Bridge Ocealaris cami $130 from Splice Boutique




Glassons String Strap Singlet available in Heavenly Pink/Cayenne Red and Night Sky/Black $49.99




1&20 Blackbirds Perfect Cami (Also available in white) $16.95


ASOS Longline Woven Cami (Also available in Navy or Cobalt)


Zara Loose Lingerie-Style top in Ecru US $39.95

(I put the US price as Australia does not have its own Zara website)






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