Week 1 of My Dry Brush Exfoliating Challenge

It’s been one week since I set my dry brush exfoliating challenge and I’ve remembered to dry brush exfoliate every day except for one because it slipped my mind and, I only remembered to do it just before bed.  Anyways, I don’t want to be too hard on myself as I know this is the most consistent I’ve ever been with dry brush exfoliating. I have noticed a difference in my skin as I have barely any ingrown hairs on my legs which is great! And my upper arms are a lot smoother. My only problem is that I’m a bit lazy with moisturising. This is because it’s been quite warm in Sydney over the past week and I don’t have air conditioning at home. When I moisturise I feel really gross because it starts to sweat off from the heat and I feel like I need another shower. Since I’ve mentioned this in my blog it may force me to actually do it more often. 

It is recommended that dry brush exfoliating should be done in the morning. I’ve been doing it at night over the past week except for this morning. I actually notice that it is soooo much better doing it in the morning. I actually feel really good now haha. I do have cellulite and I’m not sure if it has reduced the appearance of it but my skin is a lot smoother. But lets be realistic, dry brush exfoliating alone won’t reduce the appearance of cellulite as genetics, exercise, diet and age are the main contributory factors to it. 

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.



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