Week 2 of My Dry Brush Exfoliating Challenge and Other Things

It has almost been two weeks of my dry brush exfoliating challenge. It actually has made a significant difference in how smooth my legs look. I’m pretty happy I’ve been diligent with it. Because I’m still a bit lazy with moisturising *blushes* my arms have become quite dry and scaly from dry brushing so that has affected how great the outcome can be for that area of my body. I am enjoying it now though.

Exercise wise I’ve done two sessions of cardio this week, each lasting an hour. II’ve been a bit more diligent with stretching but there is A LOT more room for improvement. Eating wise, lets just say I give into temptation a lot and still have issues with exercising self control he he. Currently I feel very bloated after eating way too much food. 

I’m almost on uni holidays soon. I may buy a food processor so I can start making all those raw sweet recipes so I can eliminate unhealthy sweets from my diet when I feel like something sugary. Anyways, my main priority at the moment is getting my assignments done. I plan on going for another walk tomorrow because I enjoy it and it helps with keeping me awake whilst I study. 

Hope you’re all well!



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