Coffee and Exercise

So lately I’ve been drink A LOT of coffee. This is quite unlike me as I don’t normally like the taste. I’ve been doing this to keep myself awake whilst doing uni work (I begin to convince myself that it keeps you awake when it’s this time of the semester). I’ve also been eating quite a lot of crappy foods as usual. My generally fast metabolism enables me to fit in healthy food on the days I eat large amounts of crap food so it’s not like I’m living on a diet of complete rubbish. I think the coffee and bad food is making my face get a bit funky as I have quite a few pimples now haha. I have been exercising quite a bit, (yay go me!). I love taking a break from uni work and going for a power walk. For the past week and a half I’ve probably done a little less than 5 hours of power walking. I feel so good afterwards and I also reap the benefits of what walking does to the body (despite the fact I eat a lot of rubbish).

Does anyone else notices a difference in their skin after drinking too much coffee and eating bad food?



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