Skin Problems

This blog post may be a bit random but this is an avenue where I can get what I want to say off my chest hehe. This past week was pretty bad food wise and as I mentioned in my previous post, my skin started to get quite bad. On Thursday, I noticed quite a few pimples near my eye. This was quite discomforting for me as although I do suffer from an oily t-zone, have black heads and do get pimples occasionally (I do have naturally rosy cheeks but that’s a story for another post), I haven’t really had bad problems with pimples. Anyways, I wore makeup on Thursday as I had to go somewhere. I probably only had it on for 4 hours and when I took it off, my pimples were significantly worse. I wonder if this could be due to the bad food I have been eating all week or if it was an allergic reaction? Maybe the heat played a role too? I generally get a lot more pimples when it’s hot and I get more blackheads. That night I noticed I started to get weird bumps on my eyelids and around my eye socket. Both the pimples and bumps are still there now but not as bad. I don’t normally wear makeup and on Thursday I wore Napoleon Perdis foundation stick. I normally wear Nude by Nature as it’s less tedious to apply and the brush is better and less aggressive to the broken capillaries that I believe are the primary constituents of my rosy cheeks (self diagnosis). The Napoleon foundation stick is pretty heavy and I’m wondering if I had a reaction to that even though I’ve worn it on and off for the past 6 years now. I plan on wearing makeup tomorrow so I’ll see how my skin fairs after that.

Thanks for listening!



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