Eating healthier in an office environment

I recently started a three month marketing internship in the city. It’s for two days a week and I’ve noticed that I tend to eat healthier (still not 100% healthy though) when I’m in an office. Ever since my skin scare a few weeks ago I’ve been eating way less sugar and my skin does look a lot better. I think this can also be attributed to the weather; it hasn’t been too hot in Sydney over the past two weeks and when I was experiencing my skin drama’s, it was very hot. Needless to say, hot weather and my skin do not go well together.

Every morning of the internship I drink a warm/hot drink, either lemon and warm water or green tea, and I eat my breakfast on the train. You may be aware that it is recommended to never skip breakfast. I always used to eat breakfast even if I wasn’t hungry. Now I eat it but I wait till I’m hungry and I feel way less bloated. The internship allows me to do this as I eat on the train, meaning I have more time to wait before I eat breakfast as my train ride is over half an hour. This leads me to feel less bloated. I generally eat a sandwich with avocado and a home made beef pattie.

I tend to snack on nuts at work. For lunch I eat another sandwich. I’m really lucky that I’m allowed to graze on food there because it means I don’t have to eat a meal for the sake of eating it because I won’t have time to later. This is the case at my casual/part time job where it is very busy and I feel like I need to carbo load sometimes. Speaking of the latter, I usually eat so much crap when I do that shift (either once or twice a week). This is because I don’t prepare my food for it and I buy unhealthy food and a coffee. It’s not unusual to be bloated for more than a day after my shift ends, even two. Which is a really gross feeling, especially when I’m bloated on the weekend after my friday shift!

I also drink a lot of tea at the internship because there are heaps of tea bags in the office. I wonder if I make a more conscious effort to eat better because I can wear fashionable clothes there, as opposed to the extremely casual clothes I wear at my supermarket job, clothes that hide my bloating. It also makes me feel better internally, so it could be why I continue to do it. Maybe I eat well because it’s only for two days a week? Could it be a different story if I was there full time?

If you work in an office, how healthy do you eat when you’re at work?



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