It’s beginning to feel a lot like…that busy time before Christmas!!

I’ve been so busy lately I feel as if I barely have time to sleep. As a result, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting lately.

Thankfully, today I took some time off and chilled with my boyfriend and then caught up with friends for dinner. I also got my Uni results back for the semester and I was pleasantly surprised as I received a  credit for a subject I thought I was going to fail and two distinctions. Go me!! 

Anyways, here’s an update on my health related goals:

– I haven’t been exercising that much lately due to my busyness 

– I haven’t been eating that well either

– My dry brush exfoliating challenge I started a while back did not last the full month BUT I did pretty well compared to how often I normally do it, so that’s good!

Life goals:

– I’m having a lot of fun at my internship and I’m learning so many new things. However, I think I need to start reading again. I feel as if I have writers block sometimes and consequently, I don’t produce content quick enough for my liking. Maybe it’s time to crank out the ol’ Harry Potter books again?

– As mentioned, I did pretty well at Uni this semester. If this continues, I only have one more year left! Yipeeee!! 

Fashion goals

– Technically speaking, I didn’t set any fashion goals. However, I am excited for Christmas sales. Now I’m not the kind of person who goes crazy at Boxing Day sales but I hope to find some good stuff this year. However, I may have to turn into one of those people who do go crazy at the Boxing Day sales because I’m often immensely disappointed with what I find when I finally do make it to the shops, which, if it isn’t obvious by now, is way too late. 

Anyhoos, as usual, my health goals need more attention. I’ll hopefully blog about them soon. As for now, here’s a pic I took today of myself whilst mucking around before I went to the shops. Don’t you think this hat provides me with so much protection from the sun? Lol I totally didn’t end up wearing it to the shops. (Sorry for the crappy quality of the pic).






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