Style Rut

Usually when I go shopping, I gravitate towards items of clothing that I kind of already have. Even my boyfriend has noticed it. I usually do this because of comfort; I know what suits me. But at the same time, I’m not taking any risks. But risks by my definition aren’t really risks, they’re mainly related to 1. not wanting to spend money on something I’m not 100% sure of and 2. because I don’t wear jeans (I don’t think they do me any favours), I don’t like spending money on tops that don’t go with tights. Funny, putting pen to paper, or should I say fingers to key board, has made me realise how silly number two sounds. Just like night and day, one needs a summer and a winter wardrobe. 

Whilst perusing the racks at the shops, I’ve also realised that a lot of things look too similar to what everyone else is wearing, i.e. all that stuff on the popular online shopping sites in Australia. Whilst at uni or simply strolling around the shops, I’ve noticed that so many girls are wearing the same thing: pineapple printed playsuits, those shorts that look like pyjama shorts and playsuits in general because lets face it, they’re everywhere now. It gets really boring after a while.  

And then there’s those beautiful items of clothing from Australian designers. The harsh reality is that if I want to save money, I’d have to only allow myself the luxury of buying those items of clothing once a month. One Bec and Bridge dress can easily pay for 2 outfits at Sportsgirl or Glassons. Sigh.  

So, what to do? Well, one thing would be to start trying new stuff, really allowing myself to try it. And as for the others, hmmm not sure yet.



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