Mixed Experiences with Online Shopping

I recently purchased two items of clothing online; a stripy dress and a stripy maxi skirt. I had tried the latter on at my cousin’s house and fell in love with it. It was a size 8 and it was a little too big, a problem I don’t normally experience, so I decided to buy it in an 8 just incase my cousin’s had stretched a lot from wearing it often. I received both items in the mail and the dress is way too short to wear as a dress and the skirt is too big. I hadn’t bothered to place the receipts in a specific place so I can’t exactly return them. But the items weren’t too expensive so I’m not too fussed. Luckily, the dress looks good as a top, as seen here:


Overall, I’d have to say my experiences with online shopping so far have been pretty lukewarm. Perhaps this is because I’m not always one size; my sizing can vary anywhere from a size 8 to 12. Most of my friends who do have successful online shopping experiences are more consistently one size so maybe that’s why my experiences aren’t so great?

Has anyone else had the same experience as me? Or has anyone had an overall good or bad experience?



2 thoughts on “Mixed Experiences with Online Shopping

  1. this happens all time, unfortunately with clothing manufacturers, there is no standardized sizing regulations, I am 6ft tall so I have this issue all the time, I find that chain store + cheaper purchases mainly have the discrepancy – this is because they are usually purchased from chinese wholesalers (chinese sizing is way off Australian obviously!) Australian made is generally fairly good – but, you will pay a little bit more for the garments.

    • I wish there were standardised sizing regulations, it would make things so much easier! The chain stores are definitely the ones with the most discrepancies which in turn puts me off shopping there a lot of the time. It’s funny because I’ve seen three teenagers wear this dress as a dress lately and I have to wear it as a top!

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