Eating Healthier

Lately I’ve been eating a lot healthier. Still not 100%, but maybe around 70%, of the time. I attribute some of this to being sick. I was sick all of last week and towards the end of the week I really lost my appetite. As a result, I was mainly eating rice, vegetables and tuna. Now that my appetite is back I am starting to eat more sugary stuff – uh oh.

I’ve stopped doing things like going by Gloria Jeans or Starbucks after my internship and buying an iced drink loaded with sugar or just buying rubbishy stuff in the amounts I used to. I wonder if this is also because I’m getting older; maybe my body can’t tolerate crap food as much as it used to?

Oh and I find I eat healthier when I talk to less people about my desires to eat healthier. The harsh reality is that so many people have weird perceptions of what it’s like to eat healthy (ahem those who think carbs are so bad for you) and others imply I don’t need to because I’m already at a good body weight. People who don’t need to lose weight do need to feel well inside too.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post and that you are all making progress with your health goals!!!!!



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