Picnic Time

On Sunday my boyfriend and I enjoyed a picnic at one of Sydney’s greatest picnic destinations; Clarkes Point Reserve in Woolwich, a tiny suburb located on a peninsula with great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city. The Reserve was full of people attending to their own picnics and the water was packed with a fleet of little sailing boats as children were learning how to sail. It was a relaxing setting especially as the weather wasn’t too hot nor cold however it was a bit windy;  that’s expected if you’re going to be so close to the water. I prepared a platter of salami, prosciutto, cheese and I bought a long three different varieties of bread rolls. I forgot to buy olives! 

Picnics at this time of the year are great because it’s not too hot and they’re a great opportunity to laze around and obtain some vitamin D. Wearing sunscreen and a hat is essential. I really need to buy a new stylish hat because currently I wear a sports hat and it often spoils an outfit. But at the same time I don’t care because I’m prone to acquiring freckles. 





Where: Clarkes Point Reserve, Woolwich

Address: Clarke Rd, Woolwich New South Wales 2110

Parking: Free. On Sundays it may be hard to find parking due to many other people visiting the place and because of the sailing lessons as the sailing club is right next to the reserve. 



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