Winter Clothes

It isn’t exactly cold in Sydney but unfortunately, I know that I’ll have to start thinking about winter fashion soon. I say unfortunately as I dislike cold weather. The predominant reasons as to why I do not like the cold are that I don’t have heating at home, I don’t look good in jeans and I have big feet which consequently makes me fear that I look like I have Ronald McDonald feet in winter shoes such as boots. I know I’m at risk of sounding like a negative Nelly so I want to add that in spite of all this, there are a lot of trends to get excited about for winter clothes! One trend I’m particularly excited about are the different colours, prints and textures of coats that are available at the moment.

My wardrobe is predominantly black (this may be shocking to some as I often post about colourful outfits) and I want to change this. I think most of my winter outfits will contain a black item in it, but adding a colourful and/or printed coat can break up my outfit choices. I would love to purchase a pastel pink coat, I’ve been loving the ones I’ve been seeing on other fashion blogs as well as online stores. Below are three pics of coats I believe can increase anyones fashion credentials this winter. 



Marcs Leopard Collarless Coat


Zara Structured Coat 


Zara Crewneck Coat 

Another thing that I’m pretty excited about is Cotton On’s latest items from its ‘CO’ line as well as its normal line. Cotton On is a clothing chain in Australia that offers affordable, on trend clothing to teenagers and young adults. Today I walked past a  store and the new items instantly caught my eye. On offer are a variety of fluffy and wooly knits and cardigans that are stylish and available in a range of on-trend colours and materials. One of my personal favourites is the ‘Softly Softly Pullover’  in powder pink. I don’t actually know what it looks like on me because I didn’t try it on but it looks so warm and fluffy. I can imagine myself wearing it with my black leather mini, thick black stockings and black suede ankle boots. Below is the pullover and some more of my choices.


Softly Softly Pullover in Powder Pink (This picture doesn’t do the pullover justice!)


The Softly Softly pullover again, but this time in black


CO Contrast Stripe Pullover 


Cora Stitch Open Cardi in Charcoal (Also available in Black, Cookie Dough and Robin Hood Green)





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