Budget Fashionista

Although I post a lot of pictures of expensive items of clothing or accessories, I myself am a bit of a frugal fashionista. The most expensive item of clothing in my wardrobe cost me $219 and this was for a black winter coat from Zara. I know that’s not a lot of money to some people and I’m not saying it’s a lot of money to me, but I just can’t justify spending too much money on clothes whilst I’m still a student. Also, I actually enjoy hunting for fashion bargains!

I particularly enjoy shopping at Target. I’ve noticed Target has upped their ante in the style stakes lately as their clothes are more stylish than they used to be. It appears Hot Options has undergone a little re-branding or re-imaging; it’s new logo, label and some of the clothes remind me a little of the T by Bettina Liano range for teenage girls. I’ve noticed they’ve also increased their prices for the range targeted towards young adult females and above, but I’ve found that despite this, it is still cheaper than other stores such as Sportsgirl or Witchery. Target clothes are generally good quality; they’re not the best out there but they’re still good and they’re generally cut pretty well; unlike the often ill fitting and mass produced clothing found at Zara (yes I know just dissed Zara but I still REALLY like the clothes there and will continue shopping there).

I recently made a post that featured a pink winter coat from Zara that I liked. Today whilst taking a break from doing my uni work I decided to take a geez at the Target website to see if they have any new clothes are on offer. The first image I encountered was the one of a pink winter coat that looks similar to the jacket I was eyeing from Zara, yet this jacket was less than half the price of the Zara one. I went to my nearest Target to see if it was there, but it wasn’t. I’m really hoping I get to try it on soon because I’ve been daydreaming about pink winter coats lately.

Before I leave you with an image comparing the Target and Zara jackets, I want to ask, are you a budget fashionista? If yes, where do you like to shop? What fashion-items do you spend a bit more money on?



Zara Structured Coat 

Target Cocoon Coat 


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